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Legal Bound

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office believes that education is a critical component in the fight against crime.  The educational programs sponsored by this office are designed to educate students of this county, as well as to support their parents and teachers.

The Legal Bound Program is a series of educational initiatives that teach elementary, junior high, and high school students about the criminal justice system and other law-related topics.  Classroom lectures, tours, summer internships, assistance with mock trial preparation, and mentoring are offered to public, private, and parochial schools throughout Manhattan.  Assistant District Attorneys use curricula designed to highlight important issues that affect our City's youth.

To successfully educate our young people, there must be a collaborative effort among educators, parents, and students. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office invites you to take advantage of the many educational opportunities that we offer.

Highlights of the Legal Bound Educational Program:

  • Tours
    We provide presentations by Assistant District Attorneys who explain the arrest-to-sentencing process and take visitors on tours of the court system. The tours are scheduled for one group daily, from Monday through Friday, throughout the year.
  • School Staff Lectures
    We schedule presentations for school staff.  For example, Assistant District Attorneys from our Child Abuse Bureau will discuss with teachers and school administrators issues relating to mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect.  Other possible topics include domestic violence, the criminal justice system, and the laws governing police-civilian encounters.
  • Presentations to Parents’ Associations
    We offer presentations on topics such as community approaches to addressing the problem of drugs or gangs in the neighborhood, the criminal justice system, domestic violence, and safety issues related to using the Internet.  We can also coordinate with concerned citizens to solve local crime problems.
  • Criminal Justice Education Seminars
    These seminars provide adults with the opportunity to visit courtrooms to observe trials and learn about the role of an Assistant District Attorney in the criminal justice system.
  • Interactive Curriculum Presentations to School-Aged Children
    Assistant District Attorneys teach curricula to elementary, junior high, and high school students.  The curricula are designed to address youth-related issues, such as the legal and personal consequences of gang membership, safety tips for using the Internet, domestic violence among teens, and the laws governing police-civilian encounters.
  • Summer Internship Program
    We offer an intensive 6-week program for rising junior and senior high school students who live in Manhattan and have a strong interest in learning about the law.

    Please see the Community Affairs Unit's Legal Bound Brochure (pdf) for more information about the program.