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Witness Aid Services Unit (WASU)

As a crime victim, the New York County District Attorney’s Office realizes the social and emotional impact that crime can have on you, your family, and your friends.  As a result, our office has established the Witness Aid Services Unit to provide you with the ongoing support and services that you may need.  The unit provides a wide range of services to victims, witnesses, and their families, including social services assistance, professional counseling services, court related assistance, and help in understanding and gaining access to the criminal justice system.

Witness Aid Services Unit

WASU and the Special Victims Bureau Celebrate "Denim Day" The Witness Aid Services Unit provides a variety of court-related services, social services, and counseling services designed to meet the needs of...

Victims' Rights & Guidelines

Crime Victims' Rights Victims have certain rights in the criminal justice system. Depending upon the type and disposition of the case, a victim may be entitled to: Protection from threats, physical injury,...