Bureaus and Units

Alternatives to Incarceration Unit

Created by District Attorney Vance in 2016, our Alternatives to Incarceration Unit is the first of its kind of in New York City. Our ATIU reduces unnecessary prosecution and incarceration by identifying community-based diversion and supervision options in appropriate cases, following up with defendants to check on their progress in the community, and sharing data on the effectiveness of these alternatives.

Antiquities Trafficking Unit

Created by District Attorney Vance in 2017, our Antiquities Trafficking Unit is committed to stopping the trade of stolen antiquities from historic sites around the world. 

Appeals Division

Our Appeals Division ensures that convictions obtained by our Office are upheld in appellate and federal courts, and advises our prosecutors on legal and jurisprudential developments relevant to our work.

Asset Forfeiture Unit

Our Asset Forfeiture Unit disgorges illegally-obtained proceeds of crime and returns them to victims and the public.

Child Abuse Unit

Our Child Abuse Unit investigates and prosecutes crimes involving the abuse of children and helps survivors and their families connect with services they need to deal with these situations.

Community Partnerships Unit

Our Community Partnerships Unit helps Manhattan residents, businesses, and community organizations solve crime problems and develop strategies to prevent them. Our CPU staff represents our Office at more than 1,400 community meetings each year; conducts presentations to raise awareness of gun violence, identity theft, domestic violence, and other contemporary threats; and administers award-winning educational initiatives, including Saturday Night Lights – our Office’s signature youth violence prevention program.

Conviction Integrity Program

Created in 2010 by District Attorney Vance, our Conviction Integrity Program is the first on the East Coast. Members of our Conviction Integrity Program investigate post-conviction claims of innocence, and prevent wrongful convictions from happening in the first place.

Crime Strategies Unit

Created in 2010 by District Attorney Vance, our Crime Strategies Unit works with community members and law enforcement partners to identify crime trends in Manhattan neighborhoods, and develops intelligence-driven prosecution strategies to address them.

Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau

Formed in 2010 by District Attorney Vance, our Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau consists of 75 prosecutors, investigators, and analysts who investigate and prosecute identity theft, fraud, and data breaches affecting New York residents and institutions.

Domestic Violence Unit

Our Domestic Violence Unit investigates and prosecutes crimes committed against intimate partners, and works with victim advocates and counselors to help families and communities break the cycle of violence.

Elder Abuse Unit

Our Elder Abuse Unit investigates and prosecutes crimes against victims who are 60 years of age or older, including physical abuse, domestic violence, financial exploitation and neglect.

Financial Frauds Bureau

Our Financial Frauds Bureau investigates and prosecutes financial crimes affecting Manhattan residents and businesses, including employee embezzlement, fraudulent documents, insurance fraud, real estate offenses, unauthorized practice of law, and schemes to defraud the public.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigations Bureau

Created in 2011 by District Attorney Vance, our “FAFI” Bureau analyzes financial documents, prepares spreadsheets and flow charts to identify and quantify crimes, conducts FinCEN searches, and provides additional support to enhance our investigations.

Forensic Sciences/Cold Case Unit

Created in 2010 by District Attorney Vance, the Forensic Sciences/Cold Case Unit uses state-of-the-art forensic science to enhance our investigations and prosecutions in accordance with the highest standards in the field.

Hate Crimes Unit

Created in 2010 by District Attorney Vance, the Hate Crimes Unit prosecutes crimes that target victims based on their actual or perceived race, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Human Trafficking Response Unit

Our Human Trafficking Response Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving forced labor, sexual exploitation, and other forms of servitude.

Immigrant Affairs Unit

Our Immigrant Affairs Unit prosecutes cases involving scams and fraud affecting New York’s diverse immigrant communities. Whether you are documented or undocumented under federal law, our Office is here to protect your safety and your rights.

Investigation Division

Our Investigation Division is a recognized leader in the investigation and prosecution of white-collar crimes such as money laundering, securities fraud, and terrorism. Our Office’s unique location and jurisdiction enable our prosecutors to bring cases against parties located anywhere in the world who make use of the U.S. financial system.

Major Economic Crimes Bureau

Our Major Economic Crimes Bureau upholds the integrity and security of New York’s major financial markets by investigating and prosecuting complex crimes committed in the financial sector, including securities and investment fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing, and economic crimes committed by elected and public officials.

Manhattan D.A. Academy

Our Manhattan D.A. Academy identifies best practices in public safety and criminal justice reform, provides training to our prosecutors and other stakeholders in the justice system, and facilitates our education programs for formerly incarcerated New Yorkers.

Police Accountability Unit

Created in 2021 by District Attorney Vance, our Police Accountability Unit investigates and prosecutes all cases involving police violence and misconduct. Our PAU also serves as a repository for all allegations of police misconduct, develops policy and legislation regarding use of force, and engages the public to recognize and report police violence and misconduct to our Office.

Rackets Bureau

Our Rackets Bureau conducts long-term investigations into the corrupt activities of criminal enterprises, including organized crime groups and those in the construction and development industries.

Sex Crimes Unit

Prosecutors in our Sex Crimes Unit have extensive experience and specialized training to work with and achieve justice for survivors of sexual assault.

Special Litigation Bureau

Our Special Litigation Bureau serves as a legal consultant to our prosecutors, represents our Office in civil matters, coordinates the extradition of fugitives apprehended in Manhattan, and handles requests for information under the Freedom of Information Law.

Special Victims Bureau

Created by District Attorney Vance in 2010, our Special Victims Bureau prosecutes crimes against some of Manhattan’s most vulnerable victims and coordinates social services resources for survivors of sex crimes, child abuse, and other offense, bringing stability to victims’ lives while ensuring that their voices are heard in the criminal justice process.

Tax Crimes Unit

Prosecutors, forensic accountants, and other experts in our Tax Crimes Unit investigate and prosecute those who avoid their tax obligations to the City and State of New York.

Trial Division

Our Trial Division prosecutes crimes that are brought to our Office by other law enforcement agencies. Approximately 365 prosecutors work across six trial bureaus and other specialized units within the Trial Division, employing a “vertical” system of prosecution in which the same prosecutor handles a case from start to finish in order to better serve victims and witnesses of crime.

Vehicular Crimes Unit

In addition to prosecuting vehicular homicide, assault, DWI and other vehicle-related crimes, our Vehicular Crimes Unit visits collision scenes to enhance the investigation of these cases, and conducts enforcement trainings for law enforcement officers across New York City.

Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit

Created by District Attorney Vance in 2010, our Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit has taken more than 1,200 illegal guns off our streets by investigating and prosecuting interstate gun traffickers, armed street gangs, and narcotics dealers.

Witness Aid Services Unit

Our Witness Aid Services Unit provides a wide range of services to crime victims, witnesses, and their families, including social services assistance, professional counseling services, court-related assistance, and help in understanding and gaining access to the criminal justice system.