Crime Strategies Unit Internship

The Crime Strategies Unit intern’s primary duty will be to assist the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office with the analysis of case-related materials and general crime data for the purpose of organizing intelligence and developing strategies to assist in the prosecution of violent crimes and other crime trends, including drug trafficking, gang violence, financial crimes, cyber-crimes, and more. Interns will have the opportunity to take tours of the court house; meet with prominent figures in the District Attorney’s office; observe court proceedings; attend presentations by guest speakers; and participate in various law enforcement and criminal justice trainings conducted by experts.


  • Must be able to receive credit for the Internship
  • Must be in good academic standing with the college or university you currently attend
  • Must have an academic major, or long-term career goal, in law enforcement or law
  • Must be extremely ambitious and ready to learn
  • Must be flexible and adaptable
  • Must be able to pass a background check


  • Internships are available during the Fall (September – December), Spring (February – May) and Summer (June – August). Weekly or semester time commitments are flexible, consistent with the needs of the unit and, if relevant, the credit requirements of an academic institution.

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