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Community Offices

Northern Manhattan Office

In 1987, the Northern Manhattan Office was created to provide the residents north of 96th Street with easy access to the resources of the District Attorney’s Office. It also provides domestic violence coordinators at the Northern Manhattan Office are a safe and supportive setting in which to meet with victims. Should criminal prosecution be necessary, victims will speak to an Assistant District Attorney. The coordinators will also provide referrals to services for domestic violence victims within the community.  By addressing problems relating to domestic violence, criminal trespass, drugs, elder abuse, and fraud, the Northern Manhattan Office has become a vital link between community residents and law enforcement officials.  Its staff is here to help you, and we welcome children in the Office.

Community Affairs Unit

The Unit provides assistance to block associations, tenant groups, and other organizations seeking to solve neighborhood crime problems, such as drugs and criminal trespassing.  The Unit also offers educational programs for individuals, schools and organizations that want to learn more about the criminal justice system.

Special Prosecutions Bureau

Residents can write, call, or visit this office to make a complaint about matters that may be criminal in nature, such as fraud and elder abuse.  All complaints are confidential, and we welcome walk-ins.

Witness Aid Services Unit (WASU)

The Unit provides a variety of social services, counseling services, and court-related services designed to meet the needs of crime victims and witnesses who have cases in the District Attorney’s Office.

How can the Northern Manhattan Office help me?

If you are a crime victim, a concerned citizen, or a member of a community organization, the staff of the Northern Manhattan Office can help you by:

  • Conducting interviews with crime victims or witnesses;
  • Meeting with victims, witnesses and their families to assess their social, emotional, and financial needs;
  • Talking to you or your group about a local crime concern and working with you and the police department to develop a solution;
  • Receiving complaints from the public about matters that may be criminal in nature, such as fraud and elder abuse;
  • Explaining the court process and orders of protection; and
  • Providing you with referrals to community agencies that can offer you additional direct services.

Located in the Harlem State Office Building:

163 West 125th Street, Room 733
New York, NY 10027
Monday through Friday,
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Iris M. Raiford, Director
Lillian "Lee" Llambelis, Attorney in Charge

Northern Manhattan Office’s brochure