Child Abuse

In an emergency, call 911.


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What is child abuse?

Common forms of child abuse include physical abuse, sexual abuse and computer crimes.

What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse includes beatings or torture of children, including violent shaking and conduct that causes severe injuries or death.

What is child sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is usually committed by someone known to the child, and children rarely report it immediately. A child may not feel comfortable talking to a parent about the details of what happened. Our Office – as well as the NYPD and the Administration for Children’s Services – are trained to interview children, discover the truth, and help decide what to do next.

What are computer crimes against children?

Computer crimes against children include the creation and possession of child pornography; luring children through emails, chatrooms, and social networks; and sending inappropriate messages or photos to children on-line. Our Office provides training sessions to schools, parents, kids, and anyone who would like to learn more about how to keep children safe online.