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February 20, 2023

Witness Aid Services Unit One-Pager Click For More

The Witness Aid Services Unit (“WASU”) ensures that crime victims, witnesses, and their families can access the services they need to rebuild their lives, while helping them navigate New York’s complex court system.

December 12, 2022

Pathways to Public Safety One-Pager Click For More

Safety and fairness go hand-in-hand. District Attorney Bragg created the Office’s first Pathways to Public Safety Division to enhance and elevate the use of diversion and evidence-based programming, ensuring individuals involved in the criminal justice system receive necessary services to reduce recidivism and enhance public safety.

November 29, 2022

Hate Crimes Unit One-Pager Click For More

The Manhattan D.A.’s Office is investigating more hate crimes than ever before. The Hate Crimes Unit upholds District Attorney Bragg’s goals of achieving the safety our communities need and the fairness we deserve. The Unit takes a holistic approach to determining appropriate dispositions, ranging from incarceration to mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and bias-related education.

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November 16, 2022

Getting It Right: A Terminology Guide for the LGBTQIA+ Community Click For More

The D.A.'s Office commissioned Trans Equity Consulting to create a Terminology Guide that explains terms and concepts related to sexual orientation and gender identity. The guide is aimed to both educate and establish a basic framework that ensures best practices and protocols.

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November 10, 2022

Stopping Gun Violence One-Pager Click For More

We are doing the hard work to make Manhattan safer through a data-driven, problem solving approach that gets dangerous people off our streets by prosecuting those that do harm; stops recidivism by connecting people to long-term supportive services; and enhances safety by investing in communities and prevention.

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October 27, 2022

TGNCNB Working Group Report & Recommendations Click For More

The Office commissioned a report by the Transgender/Gender-Nonconforming/Nonbinary (“TGNCNB”) Working Group with recommendations for the Office – and prosecutors across the country – to better serve trans and gender-diverse survivors, witnesses, community-based advocates, and employees. In December 2021, the Office hired Trans Equity Consulting, led by Principal Consultant and Founder Cecilia Gentili, to guide the Working Group, which included members of the NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project (“AVP”), New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Hetrick Martin Institute (“HMI”), and the New York City Commission on Human Rights, as well as representatives from the D.A.’s Office. The report represents both the culmination of the Working Group’s efforts, and the official start of the Office’s work to implement the Working Group’s recommendations.

Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Manhattan District Attorney's Office23 hours ago
ICYMI: The woman who pleaded guilty to fatally shoving an 87-year-old Broadway singing coach was sentenced to state prison. “Barbara Gustern’s sudden, violent death at the hands of Lauren Pazienza left a family and community in mourning.” – D.A. Bragg.
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Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Manhattan District Attorney's Office4 days ago
“The tragedy of gun violence is manifold when young New Yorkers are accused of shooting at and killing other New Yorkers – in this case, their own friend,” - D.A. Bragg. Read more about this murder and robbery conspiracy indictment here:
Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Manhattan District Attorney's Office5 days ago
ICYMI: Yesterday we announced charges including illegal firearms possession, manufacturing, and more against an individual for possessing and manufacturing ghost guns in an East Harlem daycare. Learn more here: