Report Police Misconduct

The Police Accountability Unit (PAU) of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office prosecutes acts of criminal misconduct by law enforcement officers that take place in Manhattan. Examples of criminal misconduct by law enforcement officers include the use of excessive force; illegal stops, searches, and arrests; and the theft of personal property.

If you have personally experienced or witnessed law enforcement misconduct, or otherwise have information about it, this form allows you to report it directly to us. If you have video footage, photos, documents, or other evidence, you can include them in your report.

Not every report will lead to a prosecution, but we will review each report submitted and investigate each credible allegation for which sufficient information is provided. NOTE: If you are making a report related to an open case with this Office, please be aware that the Police Accountability Unit is obliged to shared such information with the Assistant District Attorney(s) assigned to that case.