Partnering with New Yorkers

The Community Partnerships Unit serves as the liaison between Manhattan communities and the DA’s Office.

The Community Partnerships Unit is made up of two teams that work together to increase trust between the community and our office, raise awareness about the role and vision of the DA, ensure access for all Manhattan communities and create partnerships that prevent crime and increase the quality of life for the communities we serve.  

The Community Engagement Team assigns staff geographically to provide a consistent presence in all Manhattan communities. They attend community meetings and build relationships with community partners to ensure a collaborative approach to safety strategies.

The Youth and Education Team coordinates presentations and community conversations about various community safety topics. They also run the Office’s many youth internship and prevention programs, including a High School Summer Internship Program, Gun Violence Prevention Fellowship and the Saturday Night Lights Manhattan Programming.

To learn the name and contact information of the Community Engagement Coordinator who covers your community, or to request more information about our educational and youth programming, please call the Community Partnerships Unit at (212) 335-9082. You can also request a presentation here: