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U.S. Task Force Prosecutes Highest Amount of Anti-Asian Crimes Since Inception

In New York, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said his office’s Hate Crimes Unit is prosecuting more hate crimes involving anti-Asian incidents than it has since the task force launched more than a decade ago. Bragg’s announcement came as the prosecutor introduced murder charges against an individual who allegedly attacked a man in East Harlem last spring “for no other reason than his race,” causing injuries that ultimately resulted in the man’s death.

Man faces murder as a hate crime charge after ‘devastating’ attack on Asian immigrant in NYC

A man who allegedly assaulted a Chinese immigrant in New York City last year has been charged with murder in the second degree as a hate crime, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced Thursday. Jarrod Powell allegedly approached 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma from behind as the man collected cans at an East Harlem corner, struck him and kicked him in the head multiple times in April 2021, according to police. Ma died of his injuries eight months later.

D.A. Bragg: Ancient Helmet Likely Belonging to Philip of Macedon Returned to the People of Bulgaria

“We are honored to return this cultural treasure to the people of Bulgaria,” said District Attorney Bragg. “Michael Steinhardt’s vast collection itself drives home that the work to combat trafficking of looted and stolen antiquities is far from over. My Office’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit is committed to ensuring that stolen relics like this one are returned to their countries of origin.”

D.A. Bragg Announces Hate Crime Murder Charges in Anti-Asian Attack of Yao Pan Ma in East Harlem

“Tragically, our Office is currently prosecuting 33 hate crime cases driven by anti-Asian bias – unfortunately, the most we have had since our Hate Crimes Unit was established in 2010. Now, more than ever, it is essential that we, as prosecutors and as New Yorkers, remain vigilant and forcefully reject bias-fueled crimes in our communities,” said District Attorney Bragg.