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Mayor Adams and New York City’s Five District Attorneys Meet to Discuss Gun Violence

“Today, Mayor Eric Adams and District Attorneys Alvin Bragg, Darcel Clark, Eric Gonzalez, Melinda Katz, and Michael McMahon met in City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the mutually shared goals of keeping New Yorkers safe, particularly from the rising toll of gun crimes. The conversation was wide ranging, candid, and productive. The mayor and district attorneys agreed that, among other things, safety and justice are not mutually exclusive, and must go hand in hand. They discussed ways that each office, the city, state, and federal partners could contribute to the fight against gun violence, as well as the ways they each could use their voice and platform to urge necessary changes to the system. They agreed to meet regularly.”

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Names Peter Pope First Ever Executive Assistant DA for Gun Violence Prevention

“Our first civil right is walking to the corner store safely and free of fear,” said DA Alvin Bragg. “We have lost too many loved ones to gun violence. People walking the streets with guns will be prosecuted and held accountable. We also will use gun possession cases as an opportunity to trace the sources of illegal guns and build cases against gun traffickers. We will restore safety to our communities by getting drivers of crime off our streets, cutting off the flow of illegal guns to our city, and partnering with community-based organizations focused on ending gun violence.”