Monthly Archives: May 2022

D.A. Bragg Announces Prison Sentence for Nathaniel Glover, a/k/a Kidd Creole

“Mr. Jolly’s death was devastating to his family and those who knew him. Every life we lose to violent crime ripples throughout our entire city, and we will continue to ensure everyone in our borough can live their lives with the sense of safety and security they deserve. This case makes clear that if you commit violent crime, we will hold you accountable, and I thank our team for their hard work achieving justice in this matter,” said District Attorney Bragg.

Employee of NYC jewelry company Julie Vos charged with stealing $2.8M

A former bookkeeper at New York City jewelry company Julie Vos was indicted Monday on charges he stole more than $2.8 million from his employer to pay for trips, high-end cars, trinkets and clothes. Francisco Lopez, 36, made thousands of transfers from the company accounts to his personal bank account and credit cards between September 2014 and April 2021, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office alleges.

D.A. Bragg: Julie Vos Employee Charged with Grand Larceny

“Francisco Lopez is charged with capitalizing on his insider access to steal nearly $3 million from a New York City-based business over seven years,” said D.A. Bragg. “I thank my Office’s talented investigators and prosecutors who followed the money, uncovering thousands of fraudulent transfers, to secure this indictment. We are dedicated to protecting businesses across our City from all varieties of theft, including fraud from the inside.”

Manhattan DA moves to clear sex trafficking victims’ criminal records

DA Alvin Bragg’s new human trafficking chief said that saddling victims with records made them more vulnerable and susceptible to remaining in the sex trade. The women had been punished for crimes they were forced to commit out of desperation and necessity — offenses they might not have otherwise. Captors often compel their victims to engage in illegal behavior as a means of ensnaring and controlling them.